One-on-One Coaching

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1-Hour Initial Appointment & 1-Hour Follow-Up:  Schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call, where you can share your health goals, current obstacles and ask questions about holistic nutrition and energy services I offer to see which one is right for you.

After your call, submit your intake forms a minimum of 48 hours prior to our first one-hour session in order for me to assess your whole body symptoms, diet, past medical history, medications, supplements and lifestyle habits. Based on the information provided in your discovery call, intake forms and initial meeting I will provide you with a personalized health and wellness plan with achievable goals and will include a lifestyle, supplement and 7-day meal plan.

Our initial meeting can be face-to-face or via Skype and will be a total of 75 minutes. Encouragement, accountability and support will be provided as you start your new protocol in order for you to successfully acheieve positive changes in your health.

Adult $178.00 or Child (under 12) $108.00


Follow-up Appointments

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Follow-Up Appointments:  Follow ups are required to address any obstacles or changes to your health goals, or to gradually build onto the current health and wellness plan through changes in the diet, exercise, supplement, or lifestyle plan.  The 45-minute follow ups are completed in person or by Skype.


Adult $98.00 or Child (under 12) $58.00

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I offer many support programs that work to fit with your individual needs, motivation, and lifestyle.  Contact me to determine which one works best for you.


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