Notes of Gratitude


Alicia’s best quality is her patience! I needed extra support and encouragement to get through the initial phase of my protocol which was to improve my IBS symptoms. By the time I started working with Alicia, I not only was feeling isolated and stressed from my random and embarrassing IBS flare-ups, but I was also dealing with anxiety and stress which wasn’t helping my symptoms. Alicia heard my concerns and asked me specific questions as to what I wanted to “feel” or improve first. She then broke up the protocol into smaller steps so I could master each level versus being overwhelmed with making many changes at once. She also would do a Reiki session on me at the beginning of our follow-up meetings to help me release some of the anxiety I was feeling around my health, which was a game-changer for me! She was always open when I reached out for extra support when I faced obstacles or had any questions. She is a wealth of knowledge and made me accountable for my achievements. Eight months later, I have been able to manage my IBS flare-ups with a supportive diet and have not had an anxiety attack since our first meeting! I am so thankful for her patience and all the physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes she has supported me with!
— Melanie, BOLTON, ON
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It is not an exaggeration when I say that Alicia at the Healing Loft has changed the way I approach my health and the health of my family. I have suffered from a chronic illness for over 19 years culminating in multiple joint replacements and a kidney transplant. Because of all of this, I worked to maintain the status quo in terms of how I feel. In other words, I did everything I could to prevent getting any worse but I didn’t really think it was possible to feel better.

After learning about what Alicia was offering, I decided it was worth a try; after all, a healthier diet is never a bad thing! After completing a simple questionnaire, I was given a comprehensive and tailored individualized plan to follow. Alicia shared recipes to make it easier to stick to the plan and she willingly answered all of my many questions throughout the process. I really appreciated that she did so much research about how things would affect me personally, given my complicated health history. I also enjoyed sharing my ups and downs with someone who was also on a journey for better health, and who understood when I found the plan challenging.

I noticed a difference very quickly in how I felt. I started to have more energy and generally feel more positive about my health. A year later, I can definitely say that we eat better and are healthier as a family. I’ve learned SO much from Alicia, which has led to a greater interest and joy in getting healthier in all aspects of my family’s lives. The status quo is no longer good enough for me!
— Rameza, Newmarket, ON
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I have known Alicia for many years. Amongst other things, we bond over our issues relating to our health and well-being. Years ago, I was diagnosed with IBS and have been basically told it is something that I need to live and deal with. Most recently, I had a skin rash appear on one side of my cheek and I have been experiencing gas and bloating more so than usual. When confiding in Alicia about my symptoms, she was very eager to help seek answers for me.

Alicia is very ambitious and passionate about health and has a genuine concern about her clients’ entire well-being. She is empathetic to what I have been suffering with and has been working really hard to find possible answers to my symptoms as well as seeking natural therapies, remedies and meal suggestions to share with me. In following her suggestions for about 3 weeks now, my skin rash has subsided. Alicia is efficient in her responses to my questions and concerns and often checks in with me to ask how I am feeling. I truly appreciate the time and effort she continues to put in and her support through my overall health journey.”

— Rosa, Ajax, ON
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I originally came to Alicia to address my joint pain and weight gain last Fall. However, after our first initial consult she linked other symptoms that I was experiencing, but brushing off as “normal” for my age, to inflammation in my body from food sensitivities, poor digestion, and hypothyroid. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been formally diagnosed with hypothyroidism or found out that I was allergic to eggs - the main staple of my diet! I have been trying to find out for decades why I was experiencing joint pain and digestive issues, and no medical or naturopathic doctor even suggested the things Alicia did in the first hour of meeting her! In 3 months of working with her I am down 25lbs, I have had no digestive flare ups, and my arthritic pain and swelling has improved to where I can go back to running again after almost 2 years of being forced to give it up! She is compassionate and has been a great support system for me as I learn about my thyroid and allergies, and has given me hope that I can change my body for the better instead of blaming it on age!
— Lisa, Whitby, ON
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We worked with Alicia to help my son, who has moderate to severe asthma. Up to a year ago, we were having to take him to the hospital every month because his attacks were unmanageable at home. It was devastating watching him suffer so much. Alicia shared with me how she manages her own child’s health. We immediately made to make some very simple changes and I am extremely happy to say that our son has had only ONE major attack in the last year!

I would 1000% recommend Alicia to everyone. Whether you’re looking for simple tips and tricks or ready to make major lifestyle changes, I believe she can help you. Working with Alicia is like having a personal trainer for your health. She pushes you when you can handle it, and supports and comforts you when it’s what you need. And best of all, she validates that you are worth the investment in yourself. Alicia is knowledgeable, honest, and truly a pleasure to work with!
— Konsta, Aurora, ON
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Alicia is a powerful Reiki healer, who gives her whole heart and soul when providing a session. In her presence, her beautiful spirit radiates kindness and care, and her knowledge of and passion for health, wellness, and spiritual growth is inspiring. Her trusted guidance, counsel, and insights have been a true gift in my life for many years. A session with Alicia is a deeply enriching experience and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for health improvements!
— Amy, East Gwillimbury, ON
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